Nobody’s Success

Nobody’s Success

A nobody was born.
And so nobody died.
And in between regret and scorn
Nobody tried;

Tried to lose,
Tried to win,
Tried to love,
And tried to sin,
But don’t we all?

Tried as he would trust.
As try and trust he must.
Trusting trying both ’til he was dust.
No one fussed.
Oh yes, but just one jest,
Or is it gesture?
Apology disguised in marble vesture.
One small bust is all;
One small bust to recall
What a someone that nobody was.

But do statues feel of pain?
Do statues strive in vain?
Do statues know of fame
Or know at all
But just one timeless joke by name?

Today, yesterday, the day after,
They matter no more than a statue’s laughter
In a humorless hall.

(written circa 1965)


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