A train,
Speeding by.
In a glimpse,
A lone figure
Walks along the road
Beside the tracks.
How quickly it vanishes
In the distance!

Is it male?
Is it female?
Is it old or young?
I cannot tell.
That lone life
Is an entire world,
A drama,
A novel,
A mystery,
A tragedy,

My heart calls out to the distance:
“Will you show me your life?
Will you let me into your life?
If I were God,
Could I share your life?”

The distance replies:
“You ARE God.
I am God too.
I AM in your life.
I am your life.
I am life.
I am.
I think your every thought.
I taste your every joy and sorrow.
Your life is before Me
All at once,
Ever changing
Yet the same,
As one path,
As one track,
As one journey
Before Me all at once
In a pre-eternal Now,
Beginning, middle and end,
All the nows,
Before My immortal eye,
All the worlds within worlds,
All universes within universes
In kaleidoscopic unity.
My life is your collective lives.
Your consciousness is My consciousness.”

I am not God.
The small figure vanishes
In the distance.
I shall never know the gender
Nor the age.
I shall never see the face.

Your face
Is much like my face.
Your journey
Is my journey.

(written 12-11-2000, 9:45pm)


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