An Evening’s Genesis

An Evening’s Genesis

Darkness all-enveloped,
And then, one magic breath
And I was born.
From out of shapeless things
Of ancient death
I took my form
Compressed by unseen hands
Of the universe
I burst aglow.
I billowed out in twinkling bands
And with a fiery curse
I swept aside the night so I could know
If I were first
Or last
Or both in this midnight show.

Alas, I could not see.
And so, for an eternity
Or two, I grew in length.
But sifting through the silt of space
Deprived my of my strength.

And when so small that I could just be seen,
I cam upon a twilight place
Of blue and green
And so serene
That one could almost trace a moonbeam’s footsteps.

And then I found a face
That held two eyes without a gleam.
I then knew why I was.
Between the tears I shone.
And something somehow told me then,
I’d never be alone,
Alone again.

(written Sunday, August 8, 1965)


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