A particle of dust

A particle of dust

A particle of dust
Is dancing here before me
In morning’s early light
Upon a wisp of wind
Enveloping my window.
(I was so much in love with her
So very much in love with her,
Yet she had none for me.)

I don’t know why I’m lying here
In bed,
In morning’s early light,
Telling this to you
Particle of dust,
Floating in a world of self-creation.
You’ve never loved
Unless it was a sunbeam
And even then I bet
It didn’t love you in return.

But, wait.
It seems to me I’ve heard this
Once before,
In morning’s early light.
We’re not so far apart:
A particle of dust,
Part of what I was,
Remembering all our loves
Than never were returned
And never will be.

(written Saturday, August 14, 1965)


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