8 (Infinity’s Octonary Madrigal)

8 (Infinity’s Octonary Madrigal)

Of nothing by chance from a consciousness fell
Lord Jesus is born, sing Noel, Noel
From measureless nowhere to measureless hell

Spiraling dance, by chance, by chance
Light that unravelled to tickle all night
Day come, day go, I know, I know

Such that time is the lust by which all dust must go
Length, breadth, width, depth, so slow, so slow
Breath of birth that blew life round a corner to death

Come little boys, little girls, come to life
All, we, one, I, one, we all
Age come to wisdom and wish come to young

Breath to lung, as clouds are rung
Salt, sea, sun, sky, sun, sea, salt
Man come to husband, come woman to wife

Breast rise, breast fall, recall, recall
That to stay is to die and to die is to grow
Anoint thy head sinner, and fast, and fast

That through this forever a whisper was passed
Come all ye angels, sing low, sing low
Let measureless small touch on measureless vast

Raise Him high, prophets, give praise, give praise
Of love is the first love of love is the last
Love bless you, my children, God rest ye all .

(written circa 1966)


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