Curious about Verizon prepaid plans?

I am posting this here at my blog, so that I can post the link in Facebook and Plurk. I dont want to seem like an advertisement. But I need to make a choice about prepaid phones.

Do you know anyone who uses Verizon prepaid? When you put $100 on the phone it remains active for 1 year. Top plan is $4 for each day used and everything is unlimited. Middle plan is $2 for each day used and .05 per minute. Core plan is $1 each day used and .10 per minute. You can switch plans any number of times.

I dont need cameras or Internet or ipod features.

They have suggested a Knack model phone for $150 which is supposed to have higher quality sound and be hearing aid compatible (I use a hearing aid in one ear)

Thanks for any suggestions/advice!


I learned some additional information. Placing $100 or more on a phone will last for 1 year, but the balance must not drop below $15. If you let a prepaid deactivate, then you lose the number and it costs $25 to get a new number.


I am fairly certain this SKYPE plan for $3 per month will let me make the many calls I need to make (to do collections for a company) at a much lower cost than buying a Verizon prepaid for $150 (which is KNACK model, higher in quality compatible with hearing aids) and then putting $100 at a time on it, for $4/day of use, unlimited use (and a penny per text message, but I don’t text). I was in the store, ready to by the prepaid phone, and I said to myself “No, wait until tomorrow, think, google search, ask questions. I will say Skype is a bit obscure in finding out how to do things. There is a SKYPE-TO number that you have to “sign up for” and they don’t make the cost clear, but you use that access number to call your Skype account from cell or land line and get Skype rates (I don’t need that). Then I had to search long to find how to record a voice mail answer message. Then I had to log into two diff. Skype accounts and leave voice mail,to test and see if it works. Now all I have to do is decide to purchase a SKYPE-IN NYC phone number, which means people from cells and land lines can call me. If I am on line in Skype, I just answer the call, and if I am not, then they leave a voice mail. That SKYPE-IN should cost either $60 or $30 per years (Im not clear about their 50% off terms for new subscribers).

I just joined the SKYPE support forum to ask my first technical question about sharing info on a profile with friends at this link.

When I visit my CONTROL panel at the Skype forum, I notice that it offers a private personal NOTE PAD to save useful info. The wording they use is interesting because it says “You may store post snippets, or any other information you need to hand here.” I have never heard the expression “need to hand” though of course I understand it. Perhaps it is a British or Australian expression.

Reader Feedback Comments from Facebook and Plurk:

Simon made a comment about your link:

“Why not use T-Mobile prepaid? Once you add $100, you have Gold Rewards status, and every subsequent topup extends the validity by 365 days. $100 = 1000 minutes; (he lists certain links where one can purchase $100 top-up cards, which I omit here, but he mentions the advantage of paying no sales tax)


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