Listening to novels on mp3

I download entire novels read aloud in mp3 format, all free in public domain, from

I purchased a COBY player for around $30, but I had to get $150 BOSE headset because I have some hearing loss, and a hearing aid for one ear. The inexpensive headphones that fit in the ear are reputed to cause more hearing loss, especially on a subway, if you turn up the volume to hear over the clatter of wheels on tracks.

I have listened so far to “Tess of the D’Urverbilles” “Jude the Obscure” “Vanity Fair” “Night and Day (Virginia Woolf’s second novel), “Crime and Punishment” “Herodotus’ History of the Persian Wars (only the first 3/5ths are recorded) “My Antonia” “Bleak House” “House of the Seven Gables” and now “Portrait of a Lady (Henry James). I find that my audio comprehension is greater than my visual comprehension, and I have far more energy and stamina to listen than to read.


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