Netflix movie – Crossing Over

Many movies and television series consist of a series what are called arcs, which are separate story lines not necessarily related.

One of the arcs in Crossing Over involves an Iranian family in which the father pressures a son to slay his sister in what is known as an “honor killing.” I was under the impression that honor killing were frequent in Pakistan and rare in Iran, but a Google search reveals that honor killings also occur in Iran.

I have read that honor killing are almost unknown in Indonesia which is one of the largest predominantly Islamic nations.

Here is a WordPress blog documenting an honor killing in Iran:

Honor Killings in Iran

The victim’s name was Fereshteh which means “angel” in Farsi and is comparable to the American name “Angela”. Ironically, the victim in the movie “Crossing Over” wore a bracelet engraved “little angel.”

The opening pages of Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses describes two characters falling from the sky, one of whom is named Gibreel Farishta. I only realized the Farsi meaning of the word when I watched another movie featuring an Iranian store owner who attempts to shoot a locksmith with a gun which contained only blanks. The blacksmith’s child shield him with her body. When the shooter realizes that no harm has been done, he exclaims “Farishta!”

Crash (Movie Spoiler)

Honor Killings and the Law in Various Countries


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