Oh, to be a child again!


I stumbled across this excellent page in my efforts to understand the proper use of TAGS in WordPress. I posted a link to this page on my Facebook and Plurk where there are many parents and a few teachers. Here is the link which led me to your page:


My amateur advice to bloggers is to think up some meaningful tags and plug them into the above link, to see if the tag has been used and HOW it has been used.

For example, I wrote a blog in praise of the late Mr. Rogers who hosted a children’s television show for many years. When I visit the tag:


I discover that most the the blogs there mention him only in passing, and mention him with a tone of ridicule.

I did find that a tag of “shortstory” does exactly what I want for my several short stories.


Regarding the nature of childhood, take a look at


Author Edward Jones is winner of the Pulitzer Prize for his first novel, The Known World (Amistad; 388 pages)

The first line of Jones’ novel is, ‘You never get over having been a child.’


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