Affair With The Reposed

I am not speaking to you now. I am speaking to that other person (over there)… you see. Oh, I guess you can’t see from where you are. But that other person has been reading me for a while now. They sort of started reading by accident, out of curiosity. But then, as they read, they began to know not just the words, but me, behind the words. And as they read, I opened up to them, and they opened up to me. And I showed them more and more of myself. I exposed myself slowly. I stripped before their very eyes until I was as naked as the wrestlers in the Palaestra. But then, I stripped down even more, exposing the atoms of Lucretius. And before they could catch their breath, or say no and leave the room, I stripped
down to the very waves of Patanjali. But for all my nakedness, they never came to know the me that I know. They fell in love with the me that they thought I was, and that me became them, but a them they shall never
show to me. So now, there they are, over there, looking somewhere else than my direction. And now, I feel slightly cold, being so naked. But that is ok, because if it weren’t for being that someone else that they love, I would never have been anyone at all. And it is the love which matters
really, not the self. Is this not so?

We never think of titles until the end. We never know until its over. So now I must think of some title, or perhaps, epitaph for the cenotaph:

“Affair with the Reposed.”



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