Seeing Stars

I wish to change the young people of totalitarian societies, through exposure to more western liberal thinking.

The Internet is effecting this transformation by simply allowing people totalitarian societies to converse freely with Europeans and Americans.

I suppose the simplest explanation of my intentions is the motto of St. John’s in Annapolis, which is in Latin, but basically says “I make free people of slaves by means of books and a balance.”

Some are enslaved by rigid ideologies. Others are enslaved by base appetites.

My intention is not solely directed at Totalitarian societies. I would like to effect a change in the young people on Myspace.

In 6th grade, our teacher, Carl Aveni, required us to learn a new proverb every day. We had to maintain a notebook, and he would monitor the entries monthly for completeness.

One day he wrote “Two men look out from the same bars/ one sees mud and the other sees stars.”

I feel that much of the daily preoccupation of the average person on the Internet is mud. If people were to take an interest in the wealth that surrounds them, in terms of educational television, and the various links which I discover each day, then, they would be looking at the stars, and not at the mud.

Now, I certainly do not mean to imply that I personally look only at the stars and never glance at the mud. What I do claim for myself is that I sincerely try to divide my time each day, spending a part of it glancing at the stars, and, of course, the remainder of the day is Mudville, where the “Mighty Casey Has Struck Out.”

Antique clocks would strike ever hour, or even every 15 minutes. Please don’t let that clock always strike you out.

Try to learn something new each day.

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