University of New Haven

Here I will describe my experiences at the University of New Haven:

After my 13 month adventure as a novice at Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Brookline, Massachusetts, I returned to school at
The University of New Haven in search of some marketable job skills
to supplement my Liberal Arts background from St. John’s, Annapolis.

My greatest academic weakness through life had always been my deficiency in mathematics. I took nothing but math courses for 18 months. The first month was a crash course of self study to get up to speed in algebra and trigonometry so I might qualify for an exam necessary to begin a first semester in calculus. I completed all three semesters of differential and integral calculus with a 4.0 average. My second weakness, in high school, was chemistry. I took one semester of chemistry and earned an “A”. I then took a semester of linear algebra (matrices) and a semester of differential equations. An introductory course in Fortran programming was my first introduction to the world of computers and I instantly fell in love with it and resolved to become a computer programmer (a goal which I achieved over a period of several years and several jobs as a computer operator).


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