Market Forge

Here I will describe my experiences at Market Forge.

Market Forge, in Everett Mass. was a huge manufacturing company that made, among other things, metal mortuary tables on wheels.

Market Forge was my vary first job as a maintenance programmer (but I was now getting paid to program) in RPG-II, on an IBM Sys-3 mod 12, with a card reader. Joe Loftus was head of the department. I only stayed there 3 months, and learned that everyone was bailing out and there was about to be a huge reorganization. I was never given any real project to do, so I spent my time in our small office with a very senior experience programmer who with some reluctance on his part and nagging on my part taught me some very useful things about RPG-II.

Computers of that era were slow by today’s standards and not multi-tasking; requiring two or three computer operator shifts whose goal was to keep machine time running non stop if possible and keep detailed logs of each job with start and end time.


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