Stone & Webster

Here I will describe my experiences at Stone & Webster

I worked for a year or so as a computer operator at Northeastern Wallpaper Company, a few blocks down Summer Street, near Amtrak South Station. I would always walk by the entrance to Stone & Webster’s building on my way home. One night, after I had stayed late (I usually stayed late), I was walking by Stone & Websters and noticed about 7 women leaving. I KNEW that they must work with computers, so I asked them what kind of computer it was. They were data entry operators, and they said it was an IBM Sys 3 Mod 15 D, and they were Nixdorf key to disk data entry operators (keying and verifying). Six months later, I was in need of a job, and I sent a letter to Stone & Websters. They immediately hired me as an RPG II programmer. That was back in 1980. I worked there until the end of December 1983.


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